Lora Borisova

Change easily an already created realtionship type

Ticket ID: 510867

I want to be able to change the type of relationship of an already created relation.
Between stories, because right now I think it is the only place where TeamPulse allows diferent relationship types, but it should be the same anywhere there is a relationship type.
Feature Request by Lora Borisova Status: Reviewed Comments: 2 Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2018-12-29T12:28:06 by webhostingonedollar jen
Joel Semeniuk

Snagit Addon to Allow Publishing Captures to TeamPulse

The teampulse teams uses JING and Snagit a LOT when collaborating with each other. It would be great if there was an addon module for Snagit that allowed captures to be sent directly to TeamPulse - attaching to a story or idea very quickly.

Feature Request by Joel Semeniuk Status: Decline Comments: 4 Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2018-08-16T09:38:01 by Bad Boy
Alan Ricker

Grid for Xamarin Forms UI

Please add implementation of the Xamarin UWP Grid control for Xamarin Forms, so that I may also have the same Grid type control in iOS and Android.
Feature Request by Alan Ricker Status: New Comments: 0 Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2017-01-18T20:15:48 by Alan Ricker
Iliyan Panchev

Feedback from a Test Studio customer: Open attachments from main feedback portal page

Hi this is a feedback which concerns the Feedback Portal functionality which was submitted to the Test Studio portal:
" It should be possible to open/view an attachment from the main overview page of the feedback poratal (more easily)

see attachment."
Feedback by Iliyan Panchev Status: New Comments: 0 Attachments: 1 Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2016-10-19T10:49:25 by Iliyan Panchev
Bent Rasmussen

Open source TeamPulse at "sunset"

Since TeamPulse will "sunset", consider open-sourcing it so your users can self-support their installations.
Feedback by Bent Rasmussen Status: New Comments: 1 Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2016-06-02T14:09:16 by Team Pulse
yanaki yanakiev

Show time of the last unsuccessful sync on the TFS sync information page

Currently in the Tfs Sync Information page is shown information only for the last successful sync and the data about subsequent unsuccessful sync is not shown.
Feature Request by yanaki yanakiev Status: Reviewed Comments: 5 Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2016-04-15T14:11:57 by Vesna Stojanovska
Tor Sigve Taksdal

Move items to project

In version 2015.2.1120.4 it is only possible to move one item at the time. It would be a huge time saver to check all the items to be moved from one project to a new one.
Feature Request by Tor Sigve Taksdal Status: New Comments: 0 Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2016-04-15T08:55:00 by Tor Sigve Taksdal
Vassili King

Add project overiew, or make views more flexible

My team is working on many project. It is not uncommon for somebody to work on several projects at a time. And not all projects can be managed following Agile models (think of projects that don't have an end date, projects that reoccur, small project-independent work items that take less time to complete than to create a Project/User Story/Work Item structure, etc.), and many don't have iterations or releases. Only a fraction of the projects are related to formal development or analytical work, and many involve multi-functional teams.

Currently, there is no view that would show projects, their status, active work items, team members, etc. Yes, some of it you can do by using the project filter, and other data you can get from the Settings and Analyze pages...but one place to have it all in, and then some (think project-specific stats), would be nice from a PM point of view. This is the only tool out of 20+ that I'm familiar with that doesn't have this feature.

If Telerik is determined not to implement something like that, then making views more flexible might help the problem. Currently, the only options are Release, Iteration, Status, Relationship. I'd like to see Project added to the Rows selection, which would allow me to see a list of projects, with work items displayed for each of them. I could then filter the view by a team member if I need to (it would also be nice if I could do it by a team, given that I have multiple teams, but that's a different topic).
Feature Request by Vassili King Status: New Comments: 2 Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2016-04-08T05:45:33 by Cynthia Lane
Jeremy Falkmann

redirect to login when my credentials expire

I commonly run into a problem in Teampulse where I'm typing away under the naive delusion that I am making progress, but suddenly everything that I have typed disappears with no chance of recovery and that odious error message appears
"Your credentials have expired, or you are not logged in. Refresh the page to login again".

If my session has been inactive for too long my credentials expire, but there is no indication of when this takes place. It's quite frustrating to lose work and never know when or how to avoid it. Do I need to form a habit of refreshing the page before I start using a teampulse tab? Do I need to close out or log out of teampulse every time I suspect I might be done using it for a few minutes?

There are many much less intrusive ways you could handle this:

1. Don't penalize me by erasing my text (without even a chance to undo the erase) simply because I'm typing while my credentials are expired. Just leave my text there and don't save it. Then I can copy the text and log back in without losing any progress.
2. Do something to tell me that my credentials are expired AT THE MOMENT they expire. Have a popup or a red label so that I can clearly understand that my changes are not going to be saved until I log back in.
3. Redirect to the login (like a normal website) when my credentials expire. Then, when I log back in, take me back to the page I was on before.
Feedback by Jeremy Falkmann Status: New Comments: 1 Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2016-04-08T05:44:52 by Cynthia Lane
Petar Grigorov

Connect TeamPulse to Azure SQL Database

Currently it is not possible to connect TeamPulse to Azure SQL Database
Feedback by Petar Grigorov Status: Reviewed Comments: 2 Scheduled for: Not Scheduled Last update: 2016-04-02T16:37:54 by Patrick Lee
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