Sort functionality in the Taskboard

Previously you supported sorting on the task board based on the task's priority. Now there is no ability to sort the items on the task board at all.

For us this is important functionality since we use the taskboard every day in our morning stand ups to view our progress and plan out next stories / tasks to work on. When the functionality existed before, we would sort our stories in order to make sure we are properly finishing a story completely before moving to the next one within the same sprint.

It also helps us to organize our tasks since our areas/iterations are based on the Teams we have, since often times our teams have multiple projects. Those projects have stories listed under the same iteration but we need to group them separately for planning and prioritization. Without the ability to sort, we have to prefix all of our stories by the project name in order to filter the taskboard to display just what we are interested in.

This is to follow up from a telerik support email. For reference, I've included the official response below:
"We really used to support grouping by Priority Class. on the Task/Story boards. This option had to be intentionally removed from there a few releases ago. We had to do this in order to support a broader functionality for managing Bugs/Issues/Risks on the Task Board which was often requested in the feedback we received. Since Bugs/Issues/Risks do not have a property Priority Class. - we had to remove it from the options for grouping on the Task Board."

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