redirect to login when my credentials expire

I commonly run into a problem in Teampulse where I'm typing away under the naive delusion that I am making progress, but suddenly everything that I have typed disappears with no chance of recovery and that odious error message appears
"Your credentials have expired, or you are not logged in. Refresh the page to login again".

If my session has been inactive for too long my credentials expire, but there is no indication of when this takes place. It's quite frustrating to lose work and never know when or how to avoid it. Do I need to form a habit of refreshing the page before I start using a teampulse tab? Do I need to close out or log out of teampulse every time I suspect I might be done using it for a few minutes?

There are many much less intrusive ways you could handle this:

1. Don't penalize me by erasing my text (without even a chance to undo the erase) simply because I'm typing while my credentials are expired. Just leave my text there and don't save it. Then I can copy the text and log back in without losing any progress.
2. Do something to tell me that my credentials are expired AT THE MOMENT they expire. Have a popup or a red label so that I can clearly understand that my changes are not going to be saved until I log back in.
3. Redirect to the login (like a normal website) when my credentials expire. Then, when I log back in, take me back to the page I was on before.
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