Ivo Stoilov

Add support for "registry free profiler startup" to JustMockRunner

The main point behind this request is to add new command line option to JustMockRunner in order to enable profiler without need for being registered, more details about this feature can be found on MSDN at https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee471451(v=vs.100).aspx
Feature Request by Ivo Stoilov Status: In Development Comments: 0 Last update: 2018-12-07T15:43:13 by Lyubomir Rusev
Ivo Stoilov

Mock assert doesn't fail when there are multiple mocks with occurrence expectations that are not satisfied

If there are more that one mock objects existing in the test, Mock.Assert wrongly succeeds while evaluating arrangements for each mock, but not the very first one. This is a regression compared to an older version from 2012. The following sample demonstrates the case:
public interface IFoo
    void Bar();

public class UnitTest1
    public void TestMethod1()
        var bar = Mock.Create<IFoo>();
        Mock.Arrange(() => bar.Bar()).OccursOnce();

        var foo = Mock.Create<IFoo>();
        Mock.Arrange(() => foo.Bar()).OccursOnce();

        Mock.Assert(foo); // Would wrongly succeed
        Mock.Assert(bar); // Would fail as expected
Problem by Ivo Stoilov Status: In Development Comments: 0 Last update: 2018-12-07T15:10:55 by Ivo Stoilov
Mihail Vladov

Research how JustMock profiler can run in an isolated container like Docker or hosted VSTS

Docker is a container acting like an isolated environment. Research how the JustMock profiler can be registered into such container.
Hosted VSTS should work on the same principle. Research how the registry could be accessed through VSTS extension or other tools.
Feedback by Mihail Vladov Status: Approved Comments: 5 Last update: 2018-12-06T18:40:19 by philip raath
Robert Welters

JustMock should support .NET Core

Feature Request by Robert Welters Status: In Development Comments: 5 Last update: 2018-11-29T08:23:19 by Mihail Vladov
Michael Crawford

Don't block Visual Studio Live Share

Creating a share link with Visual Studio Live Share does not work if you have the JustMock profiler enabled. We specifically have to disable the JustMock profiler in order for VS Live Share to create sharing links. This has been reproduced by several different members of our team.

Could this please be looked into? Thanks!
Problem by Michael Crawford Status: Approved Comments: 3 Last update: 2018-10-25T18:52:51 by Michael Crawford
Sean Mackedie

Exception when mocking three or more layers deep with CreateLike<>

When using Mock.CreateLike<> we've found that trying to directly mock anything lower than two layers down on a concrete class (e.g. x => x.Layer1.Layer2.Property == "test") throws a NullReferenceException unless the profiler is enabled. It wasn't clear in the exception or the documentation relating to this method that the real issue was the profiler being disabled, and only by trial and error did we find the solution.
Problem by Sean Mackedie Status: Rejected Comments: 1 Last update: 2018-10-12T10:29:31 by Mihail Vladov
Nick Apps

Allow simple mocking of fluent interfaces

If I define a fluent API, I might have an interface such as this:

public interface IRegistrar {

IRegistrar UsingThis(object someThing);

IRegistrar UsingThat<TThatThing>() }

If I create a mock of this using the default Behaviour.RecursiveLoose and make no arrangements, calls to the methods will return new mocks of the type, rather than the same instance that was called.

It would be nice to have a behaviour type that can return the same instance (in this case the mocked instance) without having to define a stub for each method call.

My code under test might look like:

IRegistrar reg;


.UsingThis(new object())


Currently, a test on the second call will fail if written against the mock assigned to 'reg'.
Feature Request by Nick Apps Status: Rejected Comments: 1 Last update: 2018-10-12T10:25:39 by Mihail Vladov
Karl Shifflett

Stop asking me to allow usage to be sent to telerik

this nuts, forcing me to answer a dialog for JustMock and JustTrace to turn off sending usage to Telerik. Very poor UX. Stop doing this.
Problem by Karl Shifflett Status: Rejected Comments: 1 Last update: 2018-10-12T08:45:37 by Mihail Vladov
Brian Stanton

resharper 10

Resharper 10 code coverage have tests failing when arrange to have JustMock to return values from methods called under test. Perhaps one tool too many manipulating .NET objects behind-the-scenes at a time?
Problem by Brian Stanton Status: Rejected Comments: 2 Last update: 2018-10-12T08:44:10 by Mihail Vladov
Troy Schmidt

Allow future mocking of an entire class

Allow future mocking of an entire class, including a default of DoNothing() for all methods in the class, rather than requiring each method to be future mocked separately.
Feature Request by Troy Schmidt Status: Approved Comments: 0 Last update: 2018-10-12T08:32:54 by Mihail Vladov
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