Ilya Lehrman

'background' screen

It would be awesome to be able to set a screen as a 'background' screen for another, so that all elements on the background screen are shown read-only and only new elements need to be added on top. Changes on the background screen would automatically propagate to screens that use it.
Feature Request by Ilya Lehrman Status: New Comments: 0 Last update: 2015-05-14T12:39:42 by Ilya Lehrman
Scott Isaacs

Export/share options

please provide the ability to save as PNG/JPG or share to OneNote or other popular options.
Feature Request by Scott Isaacs Status: New Comments: 4 Last update: 2015-03-21T15:20:20 by Венелин Петров
Ken Foubert


How do I select one or more elements on a touch screen? Also, is this product supported any more and the help seems to be gone.
Feedback by Ken Foubert Status: New Comments: 0 Last update: 2014-10-23T22:24:41 by Ken Foubert
Anna Blackmore

The app closes after editing an element

This app closes after I edit an element e.g. I add Text and when I change the text displayed the app closes. When I go back into the app the Text box is there but any changes I made are not.
Problem by Anna Blackmore Status: New Comments: 0 Last update: 2014-02-20T11:11:31 by Anna Blackmore
Olaf Klein

can't create an account or login - password send missing

I can not log in to the app with my Telerik Account, and I'm also unavailable to create an account with my email Address. I got the message that - the email is already in use and when I try to LogIn, I got the Message - that my eMail and the Password does not match. And how I can use now the purchased cloud features?
Problem by Olaf Klein Status: New Comments: 12 Last update: 2013-05-10T11:59:07 by Marco Kaiser
Dũng Huy Nguyễn

Allow to Lock a Control

There should be an option to lock the position of a control/group of control. Otherwise it's too easy to mis-drag a control out of its original position.
Feature Request by Dũng Huy Nguyễn Status: New Comments: 1 Last update: 2013-04-26T08:03:39 by viktortsvetkov viktortsvetkov
Chase Hathaway


I'm only allowed to copy/edit/cut on the grid control. I cannot edit columns, roles, or content (Windows RT version). Is this intentional?
Problem by Chase Hathaway Status: New Comments: 1 Last update: 2013-04-16T06:08:28 by Viktor Tsvetkov
ilya lehrman


I'd like to be able to print mockups, too - whether to pdf or a regular printer...
Feature Request by ilya lehrman Status: New Comments: 3 Last update: 2013-04-13T20:38:51 by Mark Roxberry
Mark Roxberry

Text Alignment

I need to be able to align text to the left or right within the text control, in addition to the control alignment.
Feature Request by Mark Roxberry Status: New Comments: 0 Last update: 2013-04-13T20:35:21 by Mark Roxberry
Karlkim Suwanmongkol

Copy from one sheet and Paste to another sheet issue

When I copy one or more shapes in the first sheet, switch to the second sheet, and try to paste to the second sheet, I have to make sure that I select at least one shape in second sheet otherwise the shapes will be pasted in the first sheet.
Problem by Karlkim Suwanmongkol Status: New Comments: 1 Last update: 2013-04-10T06:31:21 by Viktor Tsvetkov
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